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Area Code 321 Now Exists!
The "First Phone Call" into area code 321 was made 1999 Nov 01. Read all about it, and also check out pictures from the event
A Chronology of
Area Code 321 Events.

Including the Final Jeopardy Answer

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The Wall Street Journal
interviewed Ozzie for an article that ran on 1999 February 26.
The New York Times
Ran an article on 1999 November 23.
Central Florida StoryCorps: Osband
  While working as a Volunteer for WMFE 90.7 FM, I chatted with the Story Corps folks about my area code. Since the scheduled people didn't show up, they asked if I wanted to be recorded. Not only will I talk about MY area code at the drop of a hat, I usually bring my own hat.
  While I didn't make the National feed, the interview is still stored in the Library of Congress.
Please Donate to keep Story Corps going. Thank you.

Governor Jeb Bush teleconferences the First Official Phone Call to "launch" Area Code 321 by calling the Kennedy Space Center. Ozzie is the bearded fellow in the first row.

Welcome to "Spacey Ideas", a consulting firm. If you need some fresh ideas for that Marketing Plan you're trying to work on, give us a call. We'll give it some Deep Thought before coming up with as obvious an answer as "42". Now you may not think "42" is the answer to anything but "What is 6 times 9" (in base 13), but that's what makes us Spacey Ideas! (that, and a few off the cuff references to "The Hitch-Hikers Guide To the Galaxy"). Basically, we live outside the box. Usually just outside the box, and close enough to reach into the box to snack on breakfast cereal while watching TV.

Now what kind of Weirdo thinks like that? My kind! I'm Robert Osband, Space Ranger. Well, I'm over 70 now, so I'm a little old to be a Space Cadet, aren't I? And being over 50, I'm a little old to now be selected for NASA Astronaut Training. But it doesn't keep me from holding onto The Dream given to me by my heros, science fiction authors like Robert A Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Larry Niven, and passing The Dream onto others who will have their chance. Your marketing plan can include a Space element that will awaken the dreams people have of traveling into space. We can show you how.

What kind of Ideas does Spacey Ideas trade in?

Frankly, pretty obvious ideas. Or at least, obvious once you've been shown. For example, this firm was kicked off after our owner, Robert Osband, asked that his home town be given a particular Area Code. As a former "phone phreak", Ozzie had always maintained an interest in communications issues (and communications satellites, but that's another story), and when the 407 area code needed to split, he found the "NPA (Numbering Plan Area) Inventory List" up on the internet. When he saw that the number "321" was "Available For Geographic Relief", Ozzie immediately realized that this was the Area Code for the Countdown Capitol of the World, and prepared his testimony before a hearing of the Florida Public Service Commission.

The hearing was held in Orlando on 1998 September 24, and the idea was an immediate hit with the Commissioners, as well as members of the public in the audience. The next night, another hearing was held, this time near Melbourne, the "capitol of the Space Coast". When the Commissioners themselves brought up the possibility that the Area Code might become "321", the majority of the audience broke out into smiles, and appreciated the reference to the heritage of our region since our neighbor, the Kennedy Space Center is the Countdown Capitol of the World.

On 1999 February 10, the Florida Public Service Committee approved the split of the 407 Area Code, and the new area code is now 321! You can read the chronology of implimentation, but the jist of it is that service began in Brevard County on 1999 November 01. The choice of Area Code was obvious. Once it was pointed out. By me. And now, by my consulting firm. Even The Wall Street Journal was impressed. So hire me to bring some Spacey Ideas to your product or marketing plan.

Yup, I've got an agenda. I want people to support the Space Program. I want your company to help me get The Word out. And I want to help your company sell your product or services to people who think Space is a pretty neat idea. It's not just "trekkies" and "Star Wars" fans, but people who grow up to be aerospace engineers and Astronauts (OK, so admittedly there's some overlap here). The thing is, there's a good market out there. It's obvious. Let me point it out to you. Hire me!

A 'Trade Mark' that always follows a rhetorical question?
"What a Spacey Idea!"™

Robert Osband, Consultant
Spacey Ideas

(3-2-1) Liftoff
+1 321 543-8633

PO Box 321
Titusville   FL
USA   32781

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