From Mon Nov 24 09:50:30 1997
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 18:50:49 -0500
Subject: Secrets Question

Really useful information.  Thank you.

But, there is a "pre-newbie" category that could use even more basic
information. When I bought my computer, they delivered it, set it up,
showed me how to properly shut down Win95 and left. Of course, I had
prepared myself with a series of the "Dummies" books, but could not
relate the manuals to the physical thing, especially the urgent things a
newbie runs into.  

I would propose a "pre-newbie" list, such as:

1.  Always shutdown Win95 properly, using the START BUTTON and then the
SHUT DOWN BUTTON before turning off the power.

2.  Use a power strip (like an extension cord with many outlets) with a
MAIN SWITCH to turn off the power (after Windows has been properly shut
down) for, among other reasons, you will then not inadvertently leave
the printer or speakers on.

3.  If your screen "freezes" and neither the pointer or the keyboard
will work, press the CTRL-ALT-DELETE key combination on the keyboard. 
If you are successful, a dialog box will popup and you then choose END
TASK to get out of your fix.

4. If that doesn't work, press the CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys (all at the same
time) again, and then twice again, quickly in succession.

5. If that doesn't work, press the RESET button on your console or

              By using the above, I have never had to turn the
              power off before shutting down Windows.  AND no manual
              or instructor ever told me the above.  Had I known I would
              have been saved several evenings of dispair and worry.

6.  Windows 95 will not start if you have a floppy disc or a CD-ROM
inserted.  You must remove them first before starting or restarting
Windows.  (This goes for the RESET procedure in Item 5 above when you go
to restart WINDOWS).

7.  Besides the games, Wordpad, Notepad, and Microsoft Word are good
places to begin learning on your computer.  Look in the manuals for
those.  --After playing and testing those, you will want to DELETE what
you have put in there.  All the manuals talk about SAVING stuff; newbies
will want to DELETE junk they created in Wordpad, Notepad and Word.  My
way is simply to get from the File menue the SAVE AS choice, and then
select the A: floppy disc drive (the default is Drive C: so you must
change it to A: floppy disc) and then name the file as "Junk".  Once in
the A: drive, you can select from the File menue "Delete" and get rid of
the Junk.  (I always figured that once the Junk was on the floppy disc
and out of the C: hard drive, if nothing worked, I could always throw
out the floppy.)

I could list more, but I don't know if this is boring to you.

But your page for Newbies is great.  Problem is, most Newbies will not
know how to find it. I used Alta Vista and the search combination
"Windows 95 and Newbies".  Thank you for your most useful information.

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