The Cheshire Catalyst's Tutorial on
Hyper-Text Markup Language

by Richard Cheshire,

You SHOULD have gotten an Index of this directory, but due to Security Restrictions I had to put the directory into an INDEX.HTML page in this directory (the standard "default" file name of a Home Page).

I could have made THIS page "index.html", but wanted to prove the point. So here is how this directory is set up:

  1. This readme.html file
  2. tutorial.txt which is the tutorial
  3. tutorial.html which is the Web Page the tutorial discusses, and the user is suppossed to generate.
  4. images.html is a Rant (with examples) of how to put ALT components in IMG image tags. It's more than just a good idea!!

Enjoy the tutorial, and let me know how you like it. Please e-mail me at with comments or flames.

[Lynx Compatible] This page is Lynx Enhanced and proud of it.

While this page will be perfectly viewable on Notscape, and Microsoft Internet Expletive, it will also be readable on Lynx, the non-graphic web browser for people using text-only terminals in Public Libraries, terminals with speech synthisizers for the blind, and users accessing the web via Telnet.

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