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Lynn Framulare was a former New York City taxi driver and telephone
operator, who lived on the Space Coast of Florida.

Lynn Framulare passed away in August of 2002.

As per her wishes, her ashes were scattered along
"The Strip" in Las Vegas, where she spent happier days
on annual vacations with her mother.

Donations in lieu of flowers may be sent to
The Hospice of St Francis in Titusville.

Lynn's Story, As I Knew It
by her roommate, Ozzie

Download the Memorial Card
Microsoft Publisher required.

Ozzie and Lynn dressed to the Nines, in 
preparaton of a night at the theatre.
Ozzie & Lynn

Lynn sitting on the bow of a boat in New York harbor. 
The Statue of Liberty is in the background. Lynn at Space View Park, Titusville FL

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