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TeraTerm Terminal emulation software.
Winlink 2000 Software
Bears ICS Forms

When using OutPost or Winlink to send e-mail via radio, there are some things to keep in mind.

First, you Compose a message, then Save it to an Outbox. You then initiate a "session" with your mail system. The system will Send messages from the Outbox, then check the system if it has any mail to deliver to you.

Once the online session is complete, you can check the Inbox for any incoming message.


ID: 3157408
Callsign: N4SCY
Name: Robert
City: Titusville
State: Florida
Country: United States
Remarks: DMR
Essential Net Control Forms Michael KB9VBR

  • ICS-211: Check In Sheet
  • ICS-309 Log Sheet
  • ICS-213 Message Form
  • ARRL Radiogram Form
  • PacketRadio softwareLinks
    K1KT Home Page for Weak Signal Software
    QSL.Net Freewarepage
    Software for Amateur Radio

    • Packet Radio FAQs
    Ozzie's location via APRS.

    TAPR, The Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group

        Beginner's Guide to fldigi
        NBEMS & fldigi Home Page

    Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

    Repeater Videos:
    Repeater 101 for new Amateur Radio Operators
    What is a Repeater?
    Accessing a Ham Radio Repeater

    Ozzie provided resources:
    BaoFeng List.pdf Baofeng Menu Command list
    Booklets for space launches.
    This page is set up to be the Home Page and "List
    O'Links" for my Ham Radio identity, N4SCY, the
    "call sign" granted me by the FCC (Federal
    Communications Comission). I hope you find it

    Ozzie's regular Home Page: http://SpaceyIdeas.Com/ozzie
    Ozzie's Resume: http://Robert.Osband.US
    Ozzie's various identities

    Hurricane Andrew, Ozzie's Adventures - 1992

    Links for ARISSat-1

    Get Ready for ARISSat-1, the article from the February 2011 issue of QST Magazine.

    Texas Potato Masher Antenna
    Arrow Portable Antennas
    EB-144 Eggbeater Antenna
    Orlando Area Ham Radio Repeaters
    Frequency Offset Call Location
    147.120 + KT4AZ Orlando T 103.5  OARC  Wide Area Coverage
    146.820 / 443.275 / 1285.000 - K1XC Orlando OARC  D-STAR (Gateway Active)
    147.300 + WD4WDW Osceola T 103.5 DISNEY ALSO 442.000 T 103.5
    146.955 - K4OSC St Cloud T 103.5 
    443.325 + WD4IXD Orlando T 103.5
    442.100 + KE4TTE
    T 103.5  IRLP 2897 / Echolink 2397
    442.625 + N4TT
    T 103.5 N4TT Wide Area Coverage
    443.850 + N4ATS
    South Orlando T 103.5
    443.625 D-STAR 145.290 D-STAR
    +/- W4AES / KJ4MMC
    Orlando T 103.5 (AES Orlando)  IRLP 4904 / Echolink 38985 D-STAR 443.625 +5 MHz (W4AES__B), 145.290 -0.600 MHz (KJ4MMC__C), 1291.300  -20 MHz (KJ4MMC_A) - All Gateway's are Active.   See http://Florida-Dstar.Info/
  • D-Star Repeaters in Florida
  • Local Information in Brevard County FL USA.

    Titusville Amamteur Radio Club
    BEARS, Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Services. The consortium of ham radio clubs in Brevard County providing a single Point Of Contact when the county needs emergency communications.

    SARNetFL.Com, StateWide Amateur Radio Net.

  • SAF FL Frequency List
  • "Satellite Communications 101" workshop
  • Local Information (If Seminole County FL is local)
    it was local for me when I started this page.

  • LMARS, Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society.
  • Seminole County ARES, Amateur Radio Emergency Service.
  • Orange County ARES

    ARES Resources

    FEMA, the Federal Emergency Managemant Agency, has mandated minimum training requirements for responders and volunteers who are responding to help in an emergency area. Below are hyperlinks to the on-line FEMA training site, where you may take the required courses of instruction on your computer, take the examination as well, and recieve a certificate (as a PDF File in an e-mail, of by snail mail, at their choice) following successful completion of the exam.

    The links to specific courses are for those that are FEMA requirements. Most courses have to do with the ICS, or Incident Command System. The Course List contains other courses, that may be of interest as well.

    FEMA also is offering a text-message service that lets citizens receive updates from FEMA about disaster preparedness. People can text PREPARE to 43362 (4FEMA) to sign up for monthly disaster-safety tips; SHELTER and their ZIP code to the same number to find the nearest shelter in their respective areas; and DRC and their ZIP code to the same number for information about the nearest disaster-recovery center.

    Ozzie's FEMA Course Transcript

    DHS Form 1 for the SHARES program


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