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You have reached a Personal Page that I set up for a couple of reasons. You may have gotten here by choosing the "Credits and Gratitude" choice on my web page (those are below), or (more likely), you hit a choice where I didn't have a good HREF (the hypertext command that links you to somewhere else) for the thing you chose. If you should happen to know of a good web page that should be jumped to at this point, please send me an E-Mail at, and let me know. You might even get added to the list!
Here are some people who have helped me in the past. Click on their name to E-Mail them, or their affiliation for their web page.

Mary Myers, SpaceLaunch News
Titusville FL

Richard Cheshire, Phone Phreak and Computer Hacker.
Cape Canaveral FL

Emmanuel Goldstien, 2600 Magazine.
New York NY

Shawn Landry, fan suppporter of the Tampa Bay Mutiny of Major League Soccer.

Deep Gratitude

The following people and organizations have been extremely helpful in setting up and accessing my web pages. In the case of the library, more helpful than they could have imagined! All have my deepest gratitude.

Brevard County Library System, which regularly puts up with me abusing their Internet Access ports at the North Brevard Public Library in Titusville FL to check my E-Mail and edit my web page (It makes me feel so much like that homeless character in Dunesbury when I do - HEY, that's a GOOD thing).

The British Pub in the Indian River Plaza on State Route 50 in Titusville, where Lee let's me play on this Cyber-Pub's computer, and Alan lets me drink his beer. You can e-mail the pub if you wish.

[A Picture Of The Book Cover is here]

Dave Taylor, (and another page that Dave himself reccommended in an e-mail to me). Author of Creating Cool Web Pages With HTML which gave me enough of a working knowledge of HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) to put together these web pages with only an old copy of WordStar (a text based word processor) on an IBM-XT class machine. I strongly reccommend this book. It is published by IDG Books. They (naturally enough) have a Web Page.

Florida OnLine, where my Internet access account and E-Mail reside, and where they foolishly accept my checks (if you can read this, then they have cleared).

Places I've Accessed The Internet (and checked my e-mail) From

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