Help Desk Professional
Web Site Maintainer

1130 Pointe Newport Terr #100
Casselberry   FL
USA   32707
Phone: (321) Liftoff       (+1 321 543-8633)

Hewitt Associates, Orlando FL,
Customer Service Associate    2009 October to Present
  A call center position, providing assistance to callers in signing up for health benefits Annual Enrollment.

Hope CommUnity Center, Apopka   FL,
Technician    2009 January to 2009 September
  Updated classroom full of computers. Still providing Webmaster services to the organizations web site as a volunteer.

Flextronics, Singapore,
Technician    2007 May to 2008 May
  Flextronics provides Technicians to Verizon Wireless under an outsourcing contract to check, repair and replace mobile telephones made by various manufacturers. I worked in the Verizon Wireless store in Viera FL, and could be shifted to VZW stores in Merritt Island and Melbourne if required.

Address N' Mail, Melbourne FL,
Computerized Mail Sorter Operator    2005 September to 2006 March
  Operated a computerized mail sorting machine, providing the company with significant postage discounts.

GSI Commerce, Melbourne FL,
Customer Sales & Service Representative    2002 October to 2005 August
  GSI Commerce is an "E-Commerce Solution Provider". They set up web-stores for companies that should have a web presence on the Internet, but don't want the bother. I sat at the Toll Free Number shown on the website, handled returns and placed orders for customers who did not have web access, or otherwise have problems on the web site.

Tourist Advisor   2003 September to Present
When the publisher of Space LaunchNews became ill, I started publishing space·launch·info. As with Space Launch News, space·launch·info is distributed in Space View Park in Titusville FL before Space Shuttle Launches. Explaining launches to the tourists is one of my hobbies. While not a job, it is my avocation.

Excell Agent Services, Rockledge FL,
Database Retrieval Operator    1997 December to 2003 May
  I did database lookups and provided information based on real-time inquiries for calling customers. The company was purchased for its overseas call centers and is no longer in business in the US.

International CellComm Corp, Titusville FL
Technician, R&D    1993 April to 1997 July
This job had been on again, off again, until funding came through in June of 1996. Funding died in July of 97. The company provided Cellular Payphones mounted on trailers and Stand Alone Units for public events such as NASCAR campgrounds and Balloon Festivals.

Communications Center Specialist
  Operated telex and message entry systems as well as cryptographic equipment for the Autodin Network. I was assigned to Headquarters & Headquarters Battery, 94th Artillery Group in Kaiserslautern Germany. Security Clearance information available on request.

Work Experience:

I recently provided Technician related services for Verizon Wireless customers in a retail location. I tested people's mobile phones, repairing them if I could, and replaced them if necessary.

I worked as a mail sorting machine operator. The machine has two computers operating it and communicates to another through a fourth machine. By using the machine to pre-sort mail before dropping it off at the post office, significant postage was saved.

For three years I was a Customer Service Representative selling Palm Pilots over the internet and handling phone inquiries about orders. After leaving the company, I was leader of the Central Florida Palm Users Group for two years.

I publish a newsletter, "space·launch·info" more as a hobby, than as a business. It is made up of public information available from NASA. I sell the newsletter to the tourists that line the Indian River on launch day to give them information about the flight they are going to see launched.

Ozzie's Computer Proficiencies

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