A Magic Word that jumps you where
you may (or may not) wish to go.

Greetings Hacker, You've entered a private web page, which you are invited to wander through at your leasure. You are greeted as a Hacker here for one of two reasons. Either 1) you have clicked on a word ("xyzzy") you did not know just to find out what it did, or 2) you are hacker enough to have remembered what "xyzzy" was, and where it came from.

I feel the first link you come across should allow you to E-mail me at with comments, or flames.

"Xyzzy" comes from an ancient computer game called "Adventure", where you travelled through caves, and gather treasure. It was later marketted as Zork - The Great Underground Empire. "Xyzzy" was a magic word that transported you from the grate in the ground (where your adventure started) to the cave-room that had the word "xyzzy" painted on the wall.

Why such random stuff is here.

I edit xyzzy.html (the file this page is based on) in my personal laptop computer, and then upload (or magically transport) it to the system. This way, I can put URL's (Universal Resource Locators) that I run across in daily life, into the file as I run across them. Then they're here in the Xyzzy Page to remind me to look (magically transport myself) to them. My Home Page is for Public Consumption, and this page is for me - but I'm happy to share it. This technique of uploading URL's I wish to check out allows me to hold down my on-line time. If I find anything really useful (like some of the "Electronic Commerce" stuff), I'll probebly put it on my regular Home Page.


Ozzie's World Cup page. The USA/SWE poster.

Video of Arecibo Collapse, 2020

Florida Today "Next Launch" information

Florida Today"Space Today" information

Florida Today Launch Sked Page

Florida Today's STS-84 Mission Diary

Johnny Bowles' PAFB Launch Schedule page.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Action Pack: JPL Sojourner Mars Rover

Fast Jumps

Experimental Tags

Having found a group of HTML Extentions, the question is, how many of them work, and how many of them work in LYNX, the text-based web-browser.

Abrev: Abreviating TLA
Aconym: TANJ
Footnote: How do you know it's a Size 9?
IXC's? (Inter eXchange Carriers)

Different stypes of print, including bold, italics, underlined, strike-out, Teletype font. H2O, 12^3,

Same Experiments with alternate method

TLA Three Letter Acronyms
TANJ Ther Ain't No Justice
How do you know it's Size 9Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, BBC Radio 4, 1979.
Additional Information

   For a tutorial introduction to HTML see:
   For an introduction to forms within HTML see: An Instantaneous
   Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms.
   For general information about HTML, see

Cool sites on the internet - Quirks & Quarks (CBC Radio, Toronto).
MapQuest Adventure

This web page is Copyright 1996, 2000 Robert Osband and Richard Cheshire.
Any trademarks used are the property of the respective trademark holder (though I personally don't respect any trademark holder that holds me to putting in a disclaimer this ridiculous).

This is a testš

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Any characters at the end of this page are "artifacts" of the editing process. They are Ctrl-Z's which fill the left over character spaces at the end of a file processed by WordStar, or the MS Dos Edit program. Lynx programmers are invited to direct their software to ignore any characters which follow the "</HTML>" tag, which would take care of this feature - oops - I mean bug.

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Random Information
You don't have to know things, if you know where to find out things. - Ozzie

Microsoft IE Printed Headers & Footers.

Get Local!
Titusville, FL
Software for downloading
The EWAN Home Page. Ewan Download Page. The Emulator Without A Name pretends you have a VT-100 text-only terminal in one of your Windows.
EWAN1052.ZIP <-- The actual Zip file for downloading.
A ws_FTP Download site.
Download Lynx
Real Audio Software
Dealing with a bad Real Audio download
FTP Servers - 101
Scheduling FTP Transfers
FielDay.ZIP, Field Day Logging software from Canada.
mIRC Download site. Internet Relay Chat software.
Kira's Web Toolbox
NetScan, an Internet network utility program.
Pretty Good Privacy download site.
TrakSat 2.80 Download Site.
Page Tutor.
TrakSat 4.08 download site.
Traksat Home Page.
Win98 Annoyances.
Timex DATA LINK Software Download Page.
Dokomi Portable E-Mail software
Download Volo Viewer, a viewer for AutoCAD DWG Documents.
AutoCAD Viewer
Eudora Lite E-mail software.
[Opera! The browser that was
made for you!]
Opera Web Browser
PKzip Download, Windows 3.1
Unzip sofftware for Windos 95.
PKware.Com PKunzip software.
TrakSat Download Site. My favorite shareware satellite tracking software.
PKzip Download


GSI notes

Run Microsoft's FTP file Transfer Protocol program.
Run PuTTY.exe from the Floppy Disk you've brought from home.
Run PuTTY.exe from the Floppy Disk you've brought from it's home web site.
Run WS_ftp.exe from the Floppy you've brought from home.
If you need these programs, download them before you leave home, and transfer them to a Floppy.