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by The Cheshire Catalyst

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Kinoma Player 4 Installer Save to Card to have it set up Kinoma on the device.
      from FreePalmware.Com

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LifeDrive mobile manager

The Cult of the Palm Pilot
An article from the Boston Phoenix

The Zen of Palm "Describes design philosophies and practices for developing Palm OS (Operating System) applications." While written for Palm software applications designers, it will give the reader a look behind the Design Philosophy of the Palm Operating System. You don't write "Bloatware" for a Palm. This book explains why. (Redmond will never have to worry about us) HTML Version

The Treo/Earing Hanging Up Problem
When the Treo hangs up in the middle of a call.
    When you're talking on your Treo 600, does it hang up on you in the middle of the call? You might have what's called "The Earing Problem". That is when your earing taps against the on-screen "Hang-Up" button, and it does just that - it hangs up the call. The thing to do is to Disable Touchscreen during phone calls.
    Visit the "Prefs" (Preferences) application. Tap the Drop Down Menu in the upper left hand corner. Tap on "Keyguard". Select the two Checkboxes under "Disable touchscreen when:" that are marked "Incoming Calls Received", and "On A Call". This means that you won't be able to tap the buttons on your screen to "Hang Up", switch beteeen "Speakerphone" and "Handset", and the other buttons that will come up on the screen. How to activate them? Use the 5-Way Navigastor to slip right and left to highlight the button, then hit the Select button in the middle of the Navigator to select the highlighted button.

What are the sub-icons on the Treo Signal Strength icon?
    Check out Guide to Icons and Alerts page.

"Palm OS for Linux" has been announced
From the PalmSource Press release: PalmSource also plans to implement Palm OS on top of Linux, bringing the benefits of Palm OS to the Linux community

The Palm Business Book
Not a "Palm Manual" replacement, but a book by Larry Becker that will make you more productive in using your Palm OS based device. Includes using your Palm as a Time Management tool, with useful tips even if you're not in business! (and if you're an assistant to a Palm user, it's a Must Read).
Lose the Laptop™
Larry Becker's new e-book on using your Palm OS based handheld as a replacement for your laptop computer.

The International Palm Users Group.

The Business Card Trick
How to create, and beam your business card from your Palm, to your collegue's Palm with a minimum of stylus taps.

How to replace Grafitti 2 with Original Grafitti
Get back to what you're used to! Now that I've supplied the link, let me talk you out of using it. Don't forget the Power Stroke (middle of the screen, very bottom to very top) that will get you the "Graffitti Chart". Just as we tell Newbies to learn Grafitti, learning Grafitti 2 is just more useful. and the trick is, draw LOWER case characters, not Upper Case like we're used to. And two strokes for i, k, t, and x.

How-to: Upgrade Locked Cingular GSM Treo to an Unlocked GSM version
There are very many caveats to this, and be certain to read the Final Paragraph before doing anything!

"How to..." The PalmSource Guide to using your Palm OS device
Hyperlinks take you to specific topics of interest. You you can't find anything you can use here, you probebly won't find it at all.

Palm's Tip Of The Day
changed daily, with links to Tips & Tricks for individual PDA models.

Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS
By Chris Ziegler

Things Cheshire Does With His Palm
  • I have an Address or Contact listing with a Last name of "* If found, pls call" (yes, it begins with an astrisk - Shift-8), under Title, I have "Cheshire", and under Home Phone Number, I've got exactly that, my home number. If someone hits the Address Book button, they find the entry at the top of the list. They don't have to know to look for the "Owner" preference.
  • I keep my charger at work. My Tungsten™ T2 sits on the cradle, with the Power preference set to "Remain on while in charger". It sits there as my Desk Clock, and is right there when I need it. At home, I'll put it on the HotSync® Cable to HotSync when I remember to (or when there's info I need), but I always need to HotSync at the office. And that's where I always want a handheld that is hot off the charger with a full battery. Especially when I leave the office at the end of the day when I might want to beam my Business Card at a party, a chance meeting in a bar, or at a late meeting. My habit now is to squeeze the belt pouch or pocket where the Palm lives, and if it isn't there, reach for the cradle.

What does "Open Box" mean at The Palm Store?
"Open Box" items are those handhelds that have been returned to Palm for one reason or another, refurbished if necessary, and made available for resale. They are offerred for sale in the Factory Outlet section of The Palm Store web site.
NEW Exclusive Offers Everyday! Extra Savings on Open-box handhelds! ONLY at the Palm Store! Buy Direct & Save.

How do I do Grafitti Shortcuts on a Treo Keyboard?
This one's prettey interesting. You know those "Shortcuts" you did in Grafitti with that special "Looping L" (lower case script L)character? Well it's still here. You hit the letter "S" followed by the "alt/0" Key, and a short list of alternate characters comes up. Hold down the "Down" side of the 5-Way navigator until it reaches the Looped character on the bottom of the list. Press "Center" to select it, them type "dts" for "Date Time Stamp", or whatever other shortcut you've got set up under "Preferences".

What is Bluetooth?
"Bluetooth® Wireless Technology" is a method of replacing serial interface cables with a "data radio" connection that allows "paired" devices to communicate with each other. The "pairing" process means that only those bluetooth device you allow to connect to your device, can connect. The "passkey" you enter in the Pairing process is used as an encryption key for the information sent over the data circuit.

This space intentionally left blank

| Pocket PC vs. Palm Showdown                                        |
|   from the but-but-but-zaurus dept.                                |
|   posted by timothy on Sunday July 10, @13:40 (Handhelds)          |
|   http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/10/1659201     |

[0]Espectr0 writes "[1]TuxTops has a small review [2]comparing the 
Pocket PC handhelds against the Palm ones (no pun intended), with 
advantages and disadvantages of each. The conclusion? If you are 
after gaming, multimedia, good WiFi+Bluetooth support, a lot of 
accessories and versatility, go with Pocket PC. If you are after 
small and stylish devices with good battery life, simple interface 
and simple PIM apps, go with PalmOS."

Discuss this story at:

    0. http://mortiforo.sourceforge.net/
    1. http://tuxtops.com/
    2. http://tuxtops.com/?q=node/241

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Wilson Rally 3-Ball Can - Special Purchase Wilson Rally Tennis Balls
3-Ball Can
- Special Purchase

  • Balls provide longer rallies
  • Extensive testing shows rallies last up to 25% longer
  • Balls provide more reaction time
  • Balls have aerodynamic drag and travel slower allowing more time to prepare for strokes
  • Ball is 15% more visible for improved ball focus and tracking
  • Diameter of ball is 2.79 in
  • ITF and USTA approved
  • Used in Davis Cup play and USTA leagues
And why is this product REALLY here?
  • Who needs the tennis balls? We Need The Metal Can!!
  • Can Opening diameter 3"
  • Makes a great Wi–Fi "Cantenna" %
  • As mentioned in 2600 Magazine (Summer 2003)

D-Link AirPlus™ DI-624 Xtreme G 54Mbps Wireless Router

Make Parabolic Antennas for your Airlink

[Try It at Handango.Com]

Palm™ HotSync Cradle-Serial Palm™ HotSync Cradle-Serial

Model Number:P10828UThe Palm™ HotSync® Cradle instantly updates and recharges your Palm™ handheld and can be conveniently used at your home or office. Simply slide your handheld into the cradle, push the HotSync® button and you have easy, automatic synchronization. You can also connect it to other equipment via the Serial interface.
Handheld must have the Palm Universal Connector


Other Uses for Hotsynch Cradles

Cheshire takes his Serial Cradle, connects it (with gender menders and null-modem connectors) to his Radio Modem, and sends and receives data via Ham Radio from his Palm. http://www.dxzone.com/catalog/Software/PalmOS/

    Handhelds with the "Palm Universal Connector":
  • palm™ i705
  • palm™ m125: For HotSync® Only
  • palm™ m130
  • palm™ m500
  • palm™ m505
  • palm™ m515
  • palmOne™ Zire™ 71
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ T
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ T2
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ T3
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ W
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ C
    Handhelds with the Mini-B USB Connector
    (Used primarily on electronic cameras)
  • palmOne™ Zire™
  • palmOne™ Zire™ 21
  • palmOne™ Zire™ 31
  • palmOne™ Zire™ 72
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ E
    Handhelds with the palmOne MultiConnector
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ E2
  • palmOne™ Tungsten™ T5
  • palmOne™ Treo™ 650
  • palmOne™ LifeDrive™

Vertical Markets
Here's some guys with some bright ideas.
pdaMD.com Doctors
pdaJD.com Lawyers
pdaRE.com Realtors
pdaFN.com Financial Managers
pdaED.com Educators

Real Estate Guys!
Supra eKey
For SupraKey software!
Supra e-KEY works on the Zire 31
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