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Magellan(r) GPS Companion for m500 Series
Magellan® GPS Companion for m500 Series
Palm(tm) Tungsten(tm) T Handheld EMTAC Wireless Bluetooth GPS
Palm™ Tungsten™ T Handheld EMTAC Wireless Bluetooth GPS
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Navman GPS m series - GPS solution for Palm m125, m130 & m500 Series handhelds Navman GPS m series - GPS solution for Palm m125, m130 & m500 Series handhelds

The Navman GPS m Series is a compact integrated navigational solution for your Palm™ m125, m130, m500, m505, or m515 handheld. You get everything you need for real-time mobile GPS, direction and mapping capabilities. Just load the Rand McNally StreetFinder® Deluxe Travel Navigation Software onto your PC, download the maps and points of interest to your handheld, and clip on the GPS receiver.

Garmin iQue 3600 built in GPS PDA Handheld
Garmin iQue 3600 built in GPS PDA Handheld


  • 200 MHz processor powering Palm® OS 5
  • Integrated Que technology, with Garmin GPS and mapping software
  • Speaker for voice-guidance commands, MP3 player, and message playback
  • Voice recorder for making memos, quick notes, and messages on the fly
  • Rechargeable internal Lithium-ion battery (charges in cradle or while connected to adapter)
  • Built-in 32 MB of memory for downloading map data and other Palm OS-compatible software
  • New ARM processor enhances battery life, screen redraw, graphics, and audio
  • SD expansion slot for flexible memory storage and additional software
  • Unit size: W 2.8 in; H 5 in; D .8 in
  • Display: 2.16" x 3.24" (54 x 81 mm), 320 x 480 pixel, high-resolution, color display
  • Applications: Astraware Game Pack*, powerOne Personal Calculator, Documents to Go by DataViz*, DataViz Mail*, Palm Reader, StarCaddy*, SplashWallet*, Vindigo*, and WorldMate* (* Denotes limited or trial form)

  • Operating system: Palm OS® 5
  • Embedded capabilities: GPS, MP3 player, voice recorder, infrared communication, and vibrating alarm
  • Audio hardware: Microphone, speaker, headphone jack
  • Processor: 200 MHz Motorola DragonBall MXL ARM 9
  • Internal memory: 32 MB DRAM
  • Expandable memory: SD/MMC
  • Garmin® "Que" apps: MP3, GPS Clock, Address Lookup, Electronic Mapping, Track log, Trip Computer, Automatic Route Generation, and Turn-by-Turn Voice Guidance
  • Palm® OS 5 apps: Address Book, Calculator, Date Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List
  • Basemap: built-in routable basemap contains state and country boundaries, lakes, rivers, streams, airports, cities, towns, coastlines, state and interstate highways, local thoroughfares, and secondary roads
  • CD-ROM: Accepts downloadable map detail from Garmin PC-based

    Pocket APRS is not yet compatible with the Ique 3600

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