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I'm Jo Jordan, and I write my first name that way, since JO were my official initials at my Army communications center. I'm a ham radio operator with the call sign KE4AEB. My wife Kay is KE4MXF, and she likes theAlta Vista Search Engine.

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Poacherjo Eternal-Skeptic

True skeptics, as opposed to cynics, are interested in evidence.
In a Skeptic magazine editorial entitled “What Is a Skeptic?” the following definition is given:

“Skepticism is … the application of reason to any and all ideas—no
sacred cows allowed. In other words … skeptics do not go into an
investigation closed to the possibility that a phenomenon might be
real or that a claim might be true. When we say we are “skeptical,”
we mean that we must see compelling evidence before we believe.”

This critter was captured by the Vehicle Assembly
Building at the Kennedy Space Center, and taken to
Jungle Adventures on State Route 50 in Christmas Florida.

[Photo of white squirrel]

You don't see very many white
squirrels these days, do you?


#1 Great-Grandson!

The Watkins Family

My daughter & family working in Brazil
as Southern Baptist Missionaries.

Some of my buddies are:

Interesting things I've found on the World Wide Web

You might find them interesting, too.

The Liberty Tree is a poem I heard on the radio, and liked alot. Check it out!

Track the Space Shuttle and the Space Station! You need to have a Java equipped browser, however.

See when The Space Shuttle is visible over Titusville.

Space Congress
Space Congress is the annual technical conference put on by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies. The conference is held annually in Cocoa Boach FL.

My buddy Cheshire is going to a "hacker's conference" called

H 2 K
HOPE 2000

And all I get is this lousy icon. ;-)>

This is almost as bad as when he went to Beyond HOPE a few years ago. There are also some Electronic Press Clippings available from the Beyond HOPE conference as well.

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I can't remember anything I've ever forgotten.

- Jo Jordan

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