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Area Code 321
The Rest Of The Story

by Robert Osband

On 1999 November 01, I was invited out to the Kennedy Space Center headquarters building. There, in the Teleconferencing Room, a hookup was completed connecting James Jennings, the space center Deputy Director for Finance, and other senior NASA officials, along with senior members of the Contractor Communitty. The Director of the Kennedy Space Center, Roy Bridges, was actually at the other end of the line. He was in the teleconferencing room of the Florida Public Service Commission in Tallahassee.

This all started in September of 1998, when the Public Service Commission declaired they were going to split the 407 area code in Central Florida. As an old "phone phreak", I knew to check out the web site of the North American Numbering Plan Authority, NANPA.COM. There I found "The List". You know the list, "201 NJ, 202 DC..." and so forth. When I got to 321, it said "Available for Geographic Relief". HEY! The old "key-word scanner" tripped off. "321", or "3-2-1"!

So here's the old Space Cadet, who finds out that the number 321 is available, and he lives in the Countdown Capitol of the World. It was time to power down the Web Browser, and power up the Word Processing software. Details of the hearings can be found in the previous edition of Via Oz, which can be found on the Web at <http://Spaceyideas.Com/publicity/apanu9904.html>.

Suffice it to say that I stepped up to the Public Service Commission, and asked that the Space Coast of Florida get Area Code 321, and they said "yes". Since I asked for it, and they approved it, it must be my area code, right? But I share. :-)>

So there I was on November 01. Along with the Senior Staff. And my instructor from the Florida Space Institute. I'd run the class web site, and we got to be friends. Sam Durrance had been a mission specialist on the Astro 1 and Astro 2 space shuittle missions. It turned out that when I'd lived in Tampa Bay I'd worked on the Ham Radio link with his sister's elementary school class while he was in orbit (Sam;s sister was a teacher at the school). He was now an Associate Professor of the Florida Space Institute. He has since been named Director of the Florida Space Research Institute (it's good to be an astronaut).

Governor Jeb Bush said that it was a "Simple, bold idea to reccognize Florida's Space Industry with this Area Code", just before placing a phone call from Tallahassee to us at the Kennedy Space Center. And it was my idea! Deputy Director Jennings took the call with me at his side, and a few pleasantries were passed along the line. Following that, we watched as Center Director Roy Bridges presented the governor with small flags of the US and Florida which had flown on the Space Shuttle. There are photos at: <http://Spaceyideas.Com/photos/photos.html>.

The only thing I've personally gotten out of all this was my phone number. Just after the 321 area code was approved, I e-mailed the president of BellSouth Mobility (now Cingular Wireless), asked him for 543-8633. I explained the situation, and he let me have the number. If you need to reach me, just call my cell-phone at 321-LIFTOFF. The phone number is enough.

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