Spacey Ideas
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A Consulting firm with
"Out Of This World" Ideas

Client List

SpaceLaunch™ News
Titusville, FL

The Florida Space Institute
Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL

Canaveral Society of Technical Societies
Cape Canaveral, FL

Space Congress
2000 May 02 - 05
Cocoa Beach, FL

Boggs Gases
Titusville, FL

BellSouth Mobility
Atlanta, GA

Ask Dr Science
Bay Area, CA

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Hire a consultant that's in such prestigious company?
"What a Spacey Idea!"™

Robert Osband, Consultant
Spacey Ideas

+1 321 543-8633 Voice
+1 321 635-4166 Pager

PO Box 6841, Astronaut Trail Station
Titusville   FL
USA   32782

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