Robert Osband's
Prepared Testimony Before The
Florida Public Service Commission
407 Numbering Plan Area Relief
Suggesting Area Code "321"
1998 September 24


Read the Public Service Commission Press Release authorizing the 321 Area Code.

Robert Osband

PO Box 6841
Titusville   FL
USA   32782

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1998 Sept 24

Florida Public Service Commission
Hearing on NPA Relief for the 407 Area Code
Orlando City Hall


My name is Robert Osband, of Titusville FL. My e-mail address is Ozzie, O-Z-Z-I-E at Digital, D-I-G-I-T-A-L dot Net, N-E-T.

I'm sorry that I was unable to get to previous Public Service Commission hearings on the relief plan for the 407 Numbering Plan Area, or, as the public knows it, the 407 Area Code. As a result, I have been unable to look at the maps prepared by Commission Staff before my appearance at this hearing today (1998 September 24), so I did not know which plan to reccommend by the Commission's nomenclature. I had searched the Commissions web site, but was unable to find them. Therefore, please let me give you my personal reccommendation for the area to be covered by NPA Geographic relief.

Firstly, the new Area Code should be a geographic split, and not an overlay. This will allow telephone customers to retain 7 digit dialling for local calls. I feel the geographic area of the new Numbering Plan Area should include Brevard County with the Kennedy Space Center (for reasons that will become apparent in a minute), and extend west to include Osceola County, and southern Orlando and Orange County that are considered "Tourist Country" by the locals, an area that is generally south of the Florida Turnpike and the Beeline Expressway, now the Ronald Reagan Parkway, and the Kennedy Space Center Expressway, respectively. Using major hiways like these as the NPA Bounderies conforms to old BSP's, or Bell System Practices on area codes. I'm afraid I haven't kept up on the literature to know the new nomenclature for NPA Boundery standards today.

Furthermore, I think there's a way to make this change palatable to those Chambers of Commerce who are afraid of losing their long established Area Code. So far as I knew when I prepared this testimony, there has been no discussion on exactly which three digit number would represent the new area code. I have done some research in this area, which I'd like to present to you now.

The North American Numbering Plan Administration has a web site at, showing the NPA Inventory List at My testimony is available on the World Wide Web with links to all sites mentioned, and I have a list of these Web Addresses for anyone here today for anyone who wants one.

In the NPA Inventory List of area codes, one of the numbers available specifically for "Geographic Relief" - exactly the purpose of our discussion here today - is the number 321. With the Space Coast of Florida as the Count-Down capitol of the world, this in my humble opinion, is the Area Code for us!

The Industry Numbering Committee of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions is linked to from The North American Numbering Plan Administration, where they provide "NPA Assignment Form Part 1 - Assignment Request (Rev. July 13, 1998)" at

I have printed out a copy of this form, and included it with my testomony handed to the hearing recorder, so that the Commission may fill it out, and reserve this number with all due deliberate speed - before someone in Houston figures this out. Of course, this form should be filled out in accordance with the NPA Allocation Plan & Assignment Guidelines of The Industry Numbering Committee found at - also included with my testimony for your information.

Thank you for your interest in this information, and in taking the time to hold this hearing.



Robert Osband

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