Space Awareness Day
1999 November 01

The First Day of Service for
Area Code 321

Space Awareness Day is being planned by Robert Osband, an intern with the Florida Space Institute. Mr Osband originated the idea that the Space Coast of Florida should have an Area Code representative of it's status as the Countdown Capitol of the World. After finding the number 321 was "Available for geographic relief" in the list of numbers at the North American Numbering Plan Administration, he submitted his Testimony before the Florida Public Service Commission with his idea. The Commission approved the idea on 1999 February 10, and Area Code 321 will become effective on November 1st .

What will Space Awareness Day be?

It will be a media event where Governor Jeb Bush will telephone the Kennedy Space Center on the first day of service of the 321 Area Code, calling awareness to the new area code. A new area code not only affects the residents of Brevard County, but anyone across the nation who places telephone calls to the Space Coast of Florida. When I recently met the Governor, he called Area Code 321 a "brilliant idea".

Space Awareness Day is being set up to attract media to the Kennedy Space Center for that "First Official Call" from Governor Bush, and then once their film clip is "in the can", to maintain their attention on the Space Program, and provide background material for other space coverage. It will be up to NASA, and the Contractor Community to have interesting exhibits & information to maintain that interest.

The new area code has already been mentioned in the media on Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, and the Canadian radio program As It Happens. As November 1 approaches, more and more companies and organizations will want to join this band-wagon. Get ahead of the curve, and make contact now.

Plan now to attend, or send a representative to, the first Space Awareness Day planning meeting on Tuesday, May 11. We have the time to plan wisely and make Space Awareness Day a useful event for all.

Robert Osband
Spacey Ideas
PO Box 6841, Titusville   FL, USA   32782

+1 407 Liftoff
(+1 407 543-8633)

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