To Donna, Love Bob

Ozzie in a surplus Apollo era moon suit

Why was this 1975 photo of ME all over London in 2008?


Their experiment was still going on in July of 2008, so I kept mum about it.
I was at least hoping for a trip to London out of it, but these young cinema
students had no funding for such a thing. Anyway, it's all over now.
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The story, as I learned about it

ILC Industries, the NASA Contractor that made Apollo moon suits, held a "Garage Sale" in 1975 to clean out the storerooms. I flew down to Dover, Delaware from my home in Rochester NY. My flight to Philadelphia got me to the sale 2 hours late, and all the bubble helmets were gone by then.

I bought a white outer suit, and the blue training liner that was underneath. Before sending the outer suit to my buddy in Connecticut (I kept the training liner), I went to a portrait photographer, and had the photo made.

Donna was someone I was dating at the time I bought the space suit. When I visited Donna and her family in Brooklyn NY a few years ago, I found that they had the last remaining print that I had signed to her all those years ago. Her husband Marc was kind enough to scan it for me, and e-mail it to me.

A group of cinema students just found the image of me in the space suit on the internet, and took it upon themselves to use it in an experiment in "pop art culture". Here's their explaination:

 --- On Wed, 7/9/08, Reuben Le Prevost  wrote:

 From: Reuben Le Prevost 
 Subject: Re: ToDonnaLoveBob.Org - from the Original Ozzie
 Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 3:27 PM

 Dear Mr. Osband,

 Thank you for your patience with us. We have been
 conducting an art piece/experiment looking at the role of
 the photographic image the current cultural marketplace. We
 deliberately designed an anonymous style of interaction with
 our subjects to keep them in the dark. We argued with each
 other about whether to respond to you because we wanted to
 retain our anonymity while also feeling that we owed you the
 right to a response. However we do plan on sending you the
 images you requested. 

 We wanted to stay anonymous because we are interested in 
 what happens to popular 'art' pieces when they have no clear
 author. In the current climate of celebrity pop art culture
 we wanted to block the desires of those who took part to
 know who we were, however in their desperate search for an
 author they found you! We are a cinema school collective. We
 will send you your pictures. We wish you well.

 Reuben Le Prevost and The Cinema School Collective

Reuben Le Prevost

Other collaborators in the
Cinema School Collective:
Gillian Marcus
Marcus Munnelly
Anna-Maria Pfab
Maximilian Steckelmacher

That's about it. They generated a Power Point Presentation of the experiment's results that they submitted for their grades, but they asked me to remove it. They said, "we feel its important to maintain some mystery around the processes and ideas involved". Of course, their production group has broken up, and they no longer live at the address given on the back of the photos. It was a student group, after all, they have since graduated, are no longer students, and have all moved on. That's why they've pointed the ToDonnaLoveBob.Org domain to this page (the registration has since expired, and no one has renewed it - I certainly can't afford to). Apparently, I, the subject of the photo through no fault of my own, am now the archivist of The Project.

I received some e-mail about the project from people tracking down the photo (it was on the Internet, after all, which is how it all got started - links to their Blogs below) who found me, but not The Project. (Do not be surprised if many of the links below have 'timed out' on websites that were not renewed - It was a long time ago now)

No fame or fortune resulted from the experiment - none that I know of, anyway. Please feel free to visit my Launch Viewing web site (or just check out the Launch Schedule), and if you should come to Space view Park in Titusville to watch a launch, look for the tall, bearded wierdo in the green shirt with the funny patches on it, and please say "Donna sent me".

Robert Osband

PO Box 321
Titusville   FL
USA   32781

Ozzie's 1975 space suit photo
on the streets of London Ozzie having book autographed in 1976 Ozzie soon after returning from a
surplus space suit sale in 1975
Ozzie's old space suit photo
was showing up all over London.
Ozzie, in only the training liner, has his copy of the novel "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" autographed by the author Robert A Heinlein at MidAmericon, the 1976 World Science Fiction Convetnion. This is a more recent photo of Ozzie. The phone he's holding was his first mobile phone. Since he lives in Florida now, he claims his hair is "sun bleached".

When you visited "http://ToDonnaLoveRob.Org", you were presented with the following web page:

Each picture had a four-digit number on the back, such as the one shown below, along with the Web Page Address.

Click photo for full size image

Once you entered the number into the text box on the web page, it took you to a "ThankYou" page that gave you a mailing address. The address is no longer valid. For those who were visiting their web page from a link on this page, I had suggested entering the 5 digit number "31220". It's the number I'd send to my friend's numeric pager, so when they read the number upside-down, they'd see the name "OZZIE" (put the number in a calculator, and see).

It turns out that the address was that of The Cinema School Collective at the time. The address is no longer valid.

Links reported so far:
(After all this time, don't be surprised if they are no longer there)

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